1. Finish what you start. Be a doer, not a dreamer (dream about doing?)
  2. Don’t order something unless you know how you can use it to improve your current business. In fact, don’t even read the sales letter. You’ll probably get hooked whether you want to or not.(also see #3)
  3. Don’t order anything until you have completed the previous product requirements and measured its value (also see #2)
  4. Beware any done for you systems. Understand that no matter how easy the system promised, you still have to oversee it, manage it, maintain it, and tweak and improve if necessary. You can’t do this if you don’t know how it works in the first place. The only truly good ones ensure that you have enough of a grasp of their fundamentals to maintain them properly – and thus ensure that you can indeed make some money with them. Otherwise you’re wasting your time, effort, and above all, your own hard-earned cash.
  5. Don’t start anything new until you’ve completed your current project. (see #1) Only after you’ve given a project (or product) appropriate attention will you be able to properly judge its value, or the absence of value to you. Over time you might be able to multi-task a bit, but not before you already have a successful operation in place.
  6. Checklists and email: work on your current business with goals for the day/week/month on your checklist. When your day list is completed, then and only then, check your email. Unsubscribe from any and all lists that you have no direct connection with and that have nothing to do with your current business.
    Value check: what do you think is more productive: time spent working on your own business or reading about everyone else’s?
  7. Change your mindset. Invest in a program that can help you achieve this. You’d better find a way to believe that making lots of $$ is possible, is desirable, and can be beneficial to you and yours. (money is not the root of all evil – how you get it and how you use it may be).
  8. Pick one mentor, any one, and stick with him/her until you’ve completed their mentorship and achieved your own success, or until you discover they are complete idiots, scam artists, or fools, (whichever comes first – then find another one and repeat the process).
    It’s unlikely your first choice mentor will be the one you stick with. But if you choose with the intention and motivation to follow through, you have a far better chance of finding a mentor that will legitimately lead you to success before you waste all your resources or burn yourself out.
  9. Buy only what you need and actually use. Of course you will occasionally buy something that doesn’t work for you; but secure yourself from the kind of pressures you will learn to use to make your own sales)
  10. Measure your activities – ROI. Analytics, metrics – whatever gives you the information you need to determine the success and value of your efforts. In other words, by monitoring your processes you can eliminate the crap and keep only the productive stuff. Pay only for what is working. This is the most important factor in any business (not only in IM)

BONUS Hack!: The Secret to Success – EARN MORE THAN YOU SPEND. (income must exceed expense)

BONUS Hack #2: All the above applies to ANY business. IM is no different in these respects than any other business.

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    • Brandon McIntosh

      Damn good advice. Thanks!

      • VictorYoung

        Thanks Brandon, glad you think so.

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