We are born with perfect potential. It seems we spend the rest of our lives messing with that perfection. Then in the last few years of our lives we try to figure out where we screwed up.

So there it is. We are born perfect. The systems that society and culture have developed and enforced are the result of particular visions – too many of which are intent on power, influence and control, not sharing the gift of self-expression and creative abundance.

Let’s re-think the way we teach, the way we bring up our children, the way we perceive our societies and cultures.

Some will willingly take action to enable change, or at least the possibility of change. Others will resist with all their might. Unfortunately that is the way of the world, of life – the constant struggle to survive. What if we adjusted our thinking ever so slightly to embrace not only the need to survive, but to survive in the most productive and positive manner possible?

What then?

Perhaps we’ll find new ways to express ourselves. New ways to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Nothing we do is without effect. Not only on ourselves, but also on anyone and everyone in our proximity. Again, that is the way of the world, of life.

Let’s embrace the infinite possibilities available to us. It is the gift that life offers us. We come into the world with infinite potential and then are formed, shaped, developed in the image of those who came before.

Every now and again, someone breaks through the expectations of their learnings and a new way is invented. Often through enormous struggle, and with enormous conflict. But often with infinite benefit.

Let’s embrace the infinite possibilities available to us. Let’s embrace the miracle of creativity, of self – expression, which by definition is unique to each individual. What glorious possibility for the rest of us!

Embrace the new. Embrace the unexpected. Embrace the potential of the unknown.

You are perfect. You are infinitely potential. You are creatively limitless. Embrace the possibility of your unique genius.

Live. Love. Prosper.

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